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The Memorandum of Understanding on The Establishment of Strategic Cooperation Relationship Between Far East Branch of Russian Academy of Science and The Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, The People's Republic of China

In April 2, 2002, Professor Arkady V. Alekseev (Deputy President of Far East Branch of Russian Academy of Science) met with Professor Meng Wei (President of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences) and both expressed their interests in promoting the bilateral cooperation in the field of environment and their intentions on the establishment of strategic cooperation relationship based on the discussion in Vladivostok.

According to such discussions, Far East Branch of Russian Academy of Science (hereinafter referred to as FEBRAS) and Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (hereinafter referred to as CRAES) agree to establish strategic cooperation relationship as follows:

1. CRAES is the state level multidisciplinary research academy in the field of environmental sciences, which is a leading organization in research of ecological environmental protection, coastal area protection, sustainable development and environmental protection technologies etc.

2. FEBRAS is a very famous national research institute in Russia, which owns experienced research staffs and facilities in environment-related studies. They are predominant in terms of methodology of ecological environmental protection, coastal area protection, marine ecology, continental shelf of pacific and geography, ecological chemistry, modeling system.

3. The comprehensive cooperation between the two sides is mutual beneficial, and both academy decide to hold annual sciences and technology exchange activities by turns.

4. CRAES and FEBRAS encourage the attached research institutes of each academy to develop collaboration in mutually interested subjects and seek funding from international organizations as UNDP and UNEP.

5. CRAES and FEBRAS encourage each research staffs to develop collaboration in projects of mutual interests and seek funding actively through Russian and Chinese official entities and the other international institutes involved in fund raising. First phase study of projects as Ecosystem Quality Assessment Methodology based on Landscape Ecology, Methodology of Environmental Protection in Coastal Area, Soil Erosion and Land Use could be carried out in advance.

6. CRAES and FEBRAS agree to share information systems, programs and researches (including library resources and researches related resources) that correspond to agreed upon activities of collaboration. Each side informs the other of the academic meetings to be arranged and shares publications and information related to the meetings.

7. Each Academy agrees to accept researchers (especially young staffs) from the other side for short-term academic exchange activities, provided that they comply with all the requirement and regulations of the host academy. CRAES and FEBRAS should encourage and facilitate the personnel exchange activities.

8. CRAES and FEBRAS agree to further discuss and detail the contents of this Memorandum and designate contact route for regular conversation and information exchange.

9. CRAES and FEBRAS agree to future in-depth discussion on important subjects not included in this Memorandum.

Signed by MENG Wei
Chinese Research Environmental
Academy of Sciences
Beijing, April 5, 2002
Signed by Arkady V. Alekseev
Deputy President
Far-East Branch, Russian Academy of Science
Beijing, April 5, 2002
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