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for S&T Exchange and Cooperation between Far Eastern Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS) and Shenyang Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences(SB CAS)

In the mutual interest of science development in both countries, according to the principles of equal rights and mutual benefit, FEB RAS and SB CAS agree to sign this memorandum of understanding.

Scientific cooperation between the parties will be realized as follows:

  • to participate in joint research activities in the perspective directions and spheres, according to the programs coordinated by the Institutes of both parties;
  • to hold joint sessions, conferences, symposiums and other academic meetings according to the coordinated subjects;
  • interchange of scientists and specialists to carry out joint researches and other bilateral and multilateral scientific activities;
  • to prepare and publish scientific works, plans and prospectus according to the joint investigations results;
  • to arrange and organize study tours of specialists from both countries;
  • to train high skilled scientists;
  • to exchange of scientific and technical information about the conducted researches and academic materials.

Interchange of specialists will be realized on non-foreign-currency conditions on matters of principle. Annual quota will depend on practical need and consulted by two parties.

A host party covers all expenses connected with staying of scientists and specialists who arrive for interchange on non-foreign-currency conditions, per diem, according to the financial norms of every party, local transportation included.

A sending party ensures return tickets (airport fee included) for its scientists up to the first frontier station (airport) of a host party . Registration fee for participation of scientists in any international academic meetings will be covered by the host party, except the situation prescribed by specific agreements.

Parties will assist national science institutions in getting licences and patents and exchanging scientific information as well.

To improve the material and technical basis of scientific institutions, the parties will help each other to obtain scientific apparatus, instruments and material. If there is not any specific agreement, the party concerned covers all expenses for these purposes.

Representatives of both parties will meet by turns in China and Russia for discussing of science problems and results of joint investigations.

By common content the parties may set up bilateral commissions and expert groups to settle different items of scientific collaborations.

This memorandum will take effect on the date that is signed by representatives of the two parties and will be valid for five- year period. When it expires, and none of the two parties proposes to annul, it will continue to be valid for another five-year period.

This memorandum might be revised after consultation between the two parties.

This memorandum is signed in Shenyang, P.R. China on June 5, 1996, in English only.

the Representative of
Far Eastern Branch,
Russian Academy of Sciences
Acad. G.B. Elyakov
Date: 05/06/1996

the Representative of
Shenyang Branch,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. Luo Jixun
Date: 05/06/1996

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