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of understanding between the Korean Academy of Science and Technology(KAST) and the Far Eastern Branch Russian Academy Of Sciences (FEB RAS)

Desirous of promoting and developing cooperation in the field of science and technology, the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST) and the Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (FEB RAS) has agreed as follows;

I. Form of Cooperation

KAST and FEB RAS will promote scientific and technological cooperation mainly through bilateral symposia, scientist exchanges and exchange of information and publications.

Other activities may be added upon agreement of the two Academies.

II. Designate of Program Officers

Each Academy designates a program officer who shall be the principal point of contact for the bilateral cooperation programs.

III. Bilateral Symposium

Bilateral symposia may be held in either country.

The Academy of the dispatching country will be responsible for the international travel of its personnel, and the Academy of the host country will provide local costs(per diem or board and lodging as well as other expenses to hold a symposium).

IV. Scientist Exchanges

Scientist Exchanges are designed to enable interested scientists and engineers who are members in each academy to develop cooperative activities in the other country.

The Academy of the dispatching country will be responsible for the expenses of international travel, while the Academy of the host country provides hospitality and the usual amenities, including per diem and domestic inter-city transportation that is not included in the international travel.

The scientist exchanges quotas is 6 man/weeks per year.

Nominations are to include the following details:

  • The category of the visit which the scientist is nominated for
  • Full surname, first name and title
  • Date and place of birth
  • Short scientific biography and details of degrees
  • Fields of specialization
  • Desired persons and laboratories to be visited.

V. Exchanges of Information and Publications

The Academies will inform each other about their activities, development in the field of science and technology policies and meetings, seminars/conferences to be organized by them, and will exchange their publications and such scientific information that may be of mutual interest.

This Memorandum of Understanding shall take effect upon signature. It shall remain in force until it is terminated by either Academy, giving six months notice in writing.

The Memorandum may be amended by mutual written agreement of the Academies. Signed in Vladivostok on September 16, 1999 in two equally authorized copies.

On behalf
of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology
Prof. Dr. Mu Shik Jhon

On behalf
of the Far Eastern Branch Russain Academy of Sciences
Prof. George Elyakov

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